Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thousands of Gifts

112. Cauldron of boiling, foaming, swirling maple sap on its way to becoming golden syrup.

113. Eleven year old brother, uncle to my kids, keeping watchful eye on the four and two year olds climbing the giant tractor parked beside the garden.

114. Brothers, 14 and 11, uncles to my kids, taking up such a big place in my kids' world. "What are you thankful for tonight?" I ask at bedtime. "Uncle Micah, Uncle Thane..." the words come always before anything else.

115. Warm sun, mild temperatures, and Saturday meld together into a day even Raindrop can spend outside (in my arms) watching Grandpa build the fire for syrup and plant the beginnings of his garden inside the chicken pen/greenhouse.

116. News, more delightful than the first crocus of spring, "Sister, and brother-in-law, and new baby niece are coming, driving more than a thousand miles our direction to spend 5 days of their baby's new life with us. Two days from now, the tiny bundle of sweetness I keep thinking about and remembering will materialize to be cuddled and smelled and adored. And my sister, here to talk and swap parenting stories, and my brother-in-law, untiring source of fun and projects and winning my kids' enthusiasm for him back again.

117. A visit, simple, quiet, the perfect kind, from a brand new friend with sweet children playing quietly with mine, having such a similar perspective on things the friendship forming feels almost effortless... an unexpected gift. I'm so grateful.

118. Boy, tall and slim, big eyes and soft hair, so handsome it takes my breath away to call him my son.

119. Boy, red cheeks and curling hair, eyes full of intensity, legs propelled with deliberate force, words lurching from him steamed with effort and intentionality...can this boy of such strength and force and drive also be mine?

120. Baby girl, looking up from her spot on the floor, meeting my eyes and smiling with her whole face, then discovering speed and distance as she travels on her own down the hall.

121. Driveway transformed from ice to mud. Spring is here. Thank You!

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