Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank you...

103. for cheery 4 year old voice conversing with happy baby garbles in the bedroom. for the sweetness of a brother who joins his baby sister in her crib in the mornings and reads books to her until released from the bedroom to be awake for the day.

104. for My Hero forging out time from his limited at-home time to lead Financial Peace University.

105. for the wisdom passed along to people in FPU, and the life change that results, and the freedom we find in taking control of our finances and doing things right.

106. for the motivation of having 20 people fill our living room in the evening to get me to clean the house once a week to the sparkling state I wish it could always be in.

107. for the hope of spring, despite the bitter wind and deep snow outside.

108. for maple syrup, the delight of filling March days with daily tramps through the snowy woods and the sweet smell of boiling sugar.

109. for medicine, and the hope that soon the doses taken twice daily will result in baby ears feeling well again.

110. for strong baby arms and legs that propel her wherever she wants to go, and the happiness of exploring on her own.

111. for early morning quiet (well, after the leaking diaper is changed, meds administered, baby fed and plopped back into crib to await the right time to be awake), a few minutes to give thanks for a few of the thousands of gifts my Father has given, to prepare for a day of intense cleaning, to beg for supernatural aid in keeping His Kingdom in mind during a day of building pressure to get things done.

112. for fresh milk, local honey, fresh fish, maple trees, and garden spot; sources of nourishing local food.

Thank you.

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