Friday, August 31, 2007

My Very First

I've hesitated to begin a blog. The intimidation of choosing a title and deciding how I would treat the privacy of my family, what I would actually blog about, and to whom...all those questions have been swirling around in my mind for several months. Tonight I begin, because I just printed out my newly revised daily schedule for myself, and I have myself rising at 5:00 AM to begin the day with coffee, time in scripture and prayer, journaling, and, yes, blogging. Because my heroine, Ann from Holy Experience, mother of six children, rises early, and composes blogs that feed my spirit, fuel my desire to be excellent in all I do, give me hope for the mom I can learn to become as I slow down and learn to see HIM in the simplest moments of life. She's honest enough and humble enough that I know she's human like I am, yet her lifestyle, her thoughts, her writings inspire me to be more than I am. If a homeschooling mother of six can make the time to regularly publish inspiration for hungry souls, maybe I, mother of just two little boys, can also discipline myself to spend time in reflection and expression. I'm not sure who my readers will be, if I get any, and that has kept me from beginning for a little while... but I have gleaned so much from reading the blogs of others over the past six months, that I think possibly something I have to say will encourage someone else.
Tomorrow morning is the start of something new. Something better. An hour to myself before my two year old wakes up will set the tone of my day and add an hour of richness to this ordinary life.