Friday, March 6, 2009

Is there a medicine for this?

"There are always days when I don't feel like singing,
There are always days when I don't care at all
But I know the King of all creation reigns completely
Over every moment, great or small"
~Long Live the King by Aaron Shust
Yesterday morning was horrible. I was in a terrible mood, had lots to do and made little progress, and Raindrop refused to go down for her morning nap, throwing off the schedule for the day and making a trip to the library for story time impossible. I could feel it the moment I woke up, so I began my day with gratefulness, a list of things I'm thankful for. After every impatient snap at the kids I begged God for help. Nothing seemed to make a difference.

Thankfully, nap time cured me. That doesn't usually happen, but this nap time after I put the kids down and had a quick lunch I dove right into my list of things to do, and after a couple of hours cleaning in peace and quiet my mood was resolved and the rest of the day was wonderful. Is there a cure for bad days? Or do you just struggle through them trying to keep the ugly, selfish, sinful reactions to a minimum and making continual repentance a large part of your day?

I don't know the answer. My Hero and lots of other sources say that changing your attitude changes everything. My question is, how? No matter how badly I want to escape from a bad mood, I haven't figured out a cure yet. Thankfulness usually helps some, but it doesn't cure. Prayer doesn't cure either. I guess it's silly to think there is a cure; I have a disease called sin, and I won't be wholely cured in this lifetime.

I guess I just try to stay healthy and rested to minimize the flare-ups.

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