Wednesday, October 7, 2009

unbelievable gifts

151. Sacks of bulbs--dry orbs to bury in the dirt, all the long cold winter anticipating beauty of pink blooms when the snow drips away.

152. Twenty minute drive, five of us make a family, to a local orchard--acres of trees laden with apples...fresh donuts, tangy/sweet cider.

153. Two hours on Tuesday evenings with talented (can our little town really hold such talent?) musicians banding together to create sounds to honor our holy God.

154. Coming home to chaos and after-supper mess and husband/Daddy just needing a break after four hours alone with the kids...realizing that we have traded places this once, walked in each other's shoes.

155. Thick sweaters and cozy sweatshirts in brown and green and pink.

156. The landscape's new clothes...reds and yellows, orange and green, bright splotches around every corner making each familiar scene new with fresh beauty.

157. Fedco's new tree catalog in the mail...dreams of apple trees in our own yard...apples for eating from the tree, and sauce, and pies, and storage through long winters.

158. Glint of mischief in baby girl's eyes as she peers around the corner at her mama sitting on the floor with baby pajamas ready, then throws her body in the other direction in the wild thrill of teaching her legs to run.

159. My Hero's new schedule, 3 days of work followed by 3 days with the family. Really? He's only at work half of the time?

160. Warm, bony hug from skinny arms of 5 year old boy. Is this tall, separate person really the same one who came home a frail, tiny bundle in blankets only 5 years ago?

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Laura said...

Wow. 3 days on. 3 days off. Oh my. That is just wonderful. Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? How about how much I wish you were my neighbor? Have a wonderful day.