Monday, August 25, 2008


74. The big miracles. Like the miracle of a brand new life created, gifted to a family, tiny, fragile, dependent, and so very precious.

75. A little girl nestled in the crook of my leg, sleepy breathing punctuated by little shudders and sighs of lungs newly put to use.

76. Two weeks paid time off for the proud Daddy. Two weeks together as a complete family. Two weeks of strengthened bonds between Daddy and sons, renewed friendship between My Hero and me.

77. "Ksheww! I shot the tiger that was going to eat my little baby sister!" Christopher Robin practicing his new role as protective big brother.

78. The deep, subdued colors of morning before the sunrise.

79. The strength and alertness to get out of bed before the others, after months of not doing so, and begin the day with a heart to heart with the High King.

80. Small moments of quiet and stillness to stop and drink in the beauty of a darling baby girl... my last new baby, unless God changes our minds somehow.

81. Peanut Butter's pathetic "Gammie Gampa" after about the eighth spanking of the day his first full day home with us after spending 3 days at my parents' house while we were in the hospital. Apparently Grammie and Grampa didn't treat him to many spankings. And he prefers life with them.

82. Peanut Butter pronouncing his little baby sister's name in a high pitched squeal with a sugar-sweet smile. And the kisses he showers her with.

83. That he has a form of touching her, those kisses, that isn't too rough for comfort.

84. My dad's recipe for porridge, hot in the bowl each morning.

85. Parents-in-law, flying out to visit in the middle of a busy farm season, to see their new granddaughter.

86. Kids' put away, teeth brushed, poems read, prayers said, then quiet. Well, after an hour and a half of reading books and talking to each other in their room, then, finally...quiet.

87. Christopher Robin, "reading" the story of Jesus' birth, his favorite, pretty much word for word, from memory.

88. Christopher Robin, quoting a poem that we read often at bedtime, spontaneously from memory for the benefit of his little brother. That he's memorizing poetry without even trying.

89. Twins, boy and girl, strong and healthy, born to dear friends in Florida about a month before our little girl...the fun of finally having kids the same age.

90. Now I am free from sin, my old master, and I have become slave to my new master, righteousness. Romans 6:18 Now I must choose to be a slave of righteousness so that I will become holy. 6:19


The Brown Family Blog said...

Oh how I loved reading this! I also smiled at how one of your little guys prefers his grandparents right now...Owen is so there...I know it started early! He definitely prefers them over stung at first, but I remember how much I loved my grandparents at an early age and I'm so thankful he can have that relationship. Of course, deep deep down they know that they love their mommas and daddies the best! :-)
Thanks so much for visiting me over at blogspot....I look forward to keeping in touch! I hope you, your boys and that sweet new baby girl have a wonderful weekend!

Nina said...

Ohhhhh, I'm so glad I checked in here. She's beautiful! I'm very happy and just a tad envious. I remember those wonderful first weeks with everybody home...sort of like being in a cocoon, all warm and safe and detached from the outside world...
I love your oldest boy's new name...much more poetic :)
Congratulations on your sweet blessing!