Monday, June 23, 2008


My boys have started doing lots of things together.

scraping up hailstones on our deck after a storm

reading books

playing with the dryer knobs

putting toys away

playing with trains

"sleeping" in Mommy and Daddy's bed after getting bathed and dressed for church

riding their tricycle

I've always hoped that my two boys would grow up being friends. I guess that explains the delight I feel when I see them having fun together, or even when one wakes up before the other after nap time and starts acting lonely, then lights up when the other stumbles groggily out a little while later. There's plenty of competition and screams of ill will and looks of satisfaction when the other one is disciplined, but I love that they're growing up together...that their earliest years are full of times spent together. My hope is that they'll always be close friends...that their growing up years will form a bond between them that they value and nourish even if their life paths lead them far away from each other in miles.

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lsharbaugh said...

How precious - your boys are really really sweet. Sometimes I wish that I was going to have "brothers" or "sisters" instead of "brosis" right away. God knows best!