Friday, September 7, 2007

1,000 Gifts

Following in the footsteps of Ann of Holy Experience, I'm beginning a list of a thousand gifts... a thousand things God has given freely to me, not for my birthday, not for Christmas, but just because. Gifts He fills my days with simply because He is good, and He loves me. How can I keep from loving Him back?

1. The gladiolas for sale by the roadside on my way home from the ordeal of grocery shopping

2. The smile and conversation with the white-haired man who sold the flowers

3. The pink blossoms' startling beauty in the middle of our kitchen

4. The honesty of someone deeply admired admitting her humanness and making me realize we have some common ground

5. The beauty and mystery encapsuled in the holy words of our faith, that our faith is not a simple formula, elementary, or easy, that it contains mystery and ideas too great for me to understand

7. Blue eyes, blond curls, soft that melts me.

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