Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thanks in Mexico

248. for bluest ocean

249. for wide white beach

250. for shallow pools perfect for little non-swimmers

251. for warm sun

252. for bright flowers in March!

253. for little girl walking with her daddy

254. for morning breakfast, just My Hero and I, relaxed, quiet, calm...while three noisy ones follow morning adventures with doting grandparents

255. for morning coffee

256. for pastries drizzled with dulce de leche

257. for 5 year old taking Spanish lessons by the pool

258. for used plates and empty wrappers swept away by smiling waiters almost before we're done with them

259. for "hola" and "buenos dias" and every kind greeting offered by maids and hotel workers every time we pass them in the hallways

260. for the lovely lengua del cielo spoken all around us

261. for the quiet hours of naptime in darkened hotel room

262. for chapters of Grandfather Frog before naptime in which neither Longlegs the Blue Heron nor Whitetail the Marsh Hawk breakfast on a sleepy Grandfather Frog thanks to Jerry Muskrat's warning tail-slap on the water

263. for white marble floors and clean soft white beds

264. for long walks across beaches and sleepy kids melting like ice cream in the hot sun into puddles of sleeping mounds to be scooped into arms of family and carried the rest of the way

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