Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sincerely thankful...

161. Christopher Robin's flushed cheeks and eyes wide, concentrating, bright mind learning to scheme as he nears the end of our Spy Alley game, keeps his identity secret, and lands on the winning space.

162. Winter days with nowhere to be, time to fill with imaginations, relaxed hours of play for the three little ones, time to organize and clean and create and read for me.

163. Simplicity of steady crocheting, hands busy while mind is free to meditate, or soar, or be filled.

164. As we know Jesus better, his divine power gives us everything we need for living a godly life. He calls us to receive his own glory and goodness. II Peter 1:3
It doesn't feel possible, but He assures.

165. Ice cream after supper for any boy who keeps his lips from whining all day long. Home is becoming a happier place.

166. Little eyes locking mine, intensely arguing her case in words I have not learned yet to understand.

167. Warm thankfulness flooding through me when I hear an unhappy wail from the kids' room. That little one is alive and healthy, and I can go in and hug them close, then live my days with them.

168. Routine becomes expected, and home philosophy embraced. "Work before play." Whines and protests fade as normal sets in and the simple principle is adopted willingly by oldest boy. "Work before play," he reminds our 3 year old.

169. Conversations with friends that linger, feeding my mind with new thoughts, my spirit with prayer for others' situations, my soul with warmth of being close to someone.

170. Grandmother across the street dropping in for a visit. The dream of living near enough for that is finally realised.

171. Golden sunbeams gilding our ordinary living room for half an hour each late afternoon. Boys stumble out from naptime to cozy afternoon glow.

172. Daily donning of old winter jacket and boots and work gloves, short treck to the woodpile to fill the wood box ensures that I enter the winter landscape outside at least briefly every day.

173. Tallest boy keeps growing taller...bags of hand-me-downs re-explored to fill drawers again with clothes that reach to ends of wrists.

174. Pre-worn clothes passed along from friends to our family that help keep children clothed (well!) without heavy expense.

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