Friday, June 26, 2009

13 things that make me glad:

138. A long, hot day after weeks of rain.

139. Blistered hands, dirty feet, withering weeds, a happy garden.

140. Teabag of spicy chai, steeped in steaming water in a white mug, a little milk and sugar.

141. Contest between baby girl and 30 year old mama: pink hairbow in darling fine baby hair just thick enough to hold it again, yanked out continually by chubby baby fists.

142. Four year old boy reading Go, Dogs, Go to two year old brother. Really reading. I have dreamed of this moment. "Read to your bunny often, and... your bunny will read to you!" -Rosemary Wells

143. Babies, daughter and niece, bopping together to bebop cellphone game music. No self-conscious shyness, no restraint.

144. Two dear girl friends and I, plotting a morning together, just us, to talk and drink coffee.

145. Wedding plans...for a sweet sister in law and her sailor husband. September. Two small sons in black tuxes. Tiny daughter and niece in gauzy white.

146. Scales falling off my eyes. Why is He not King every moment of daily life when I am so entirely convinced that's the right way? Weeds. The small distractions, self indulgences that call for my attention in my spare moments. The path to life? Self denial.

147. Humble gratefulness that He doesn't leave me to my errors. Hope: He values me enough to keep teaching me.

148. Funny texts between My Hero and me. Jokes that keep us laughing.

149. Ambling through a bookstore, quiet, unhurried. A couple of hours without children, just My Hero and me. 8 years ago...just beginning our honeymoon.

150. The book of Proverbs. Pithy sayings, nuggets of truth. Guidance along the path of life.

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