Saturday, November 15, 2008

God, I praise you for...

91. curling, hungry baby girl using outspread fingers to grope my face as I lift her from crib to hold her warm and close

92. the haunting these fleeting moments stir in me of beauty I can't hold on to but that is a mere glimpse of what awaits in perfect eternity

93. sadness of a single pink hair bow lost away from home turned to happy delight as the mischievous, purse-picking little daughter of a friend pulled the missing bow from an unused pocket of our diaper bag

94. applesauce morning, when three bags of apples turned to pink sweet/tart sauce at the hands of my mother and me and my two involved sons

95. my own grandmother next door with outstretched heart to my two little boys, insisting I leave those two bad shoppers with her while I gather groceries

96. the surprise of two bright eyes, baby blue, intent, focused on busy mama when I, brushing hair, look down from the mirror at darling daughter

97. the bright, undeserved baby smile given in innocent gratitude for basic affection

98. red tomatoes diced, soft white cheese cubed, tangy vinegar mixed with oil for the perfect lunch

99. two boxes full of toys for two little boys whose closets, unlike my own sons' closet, do not overflow with playthings...the beginnings of basic thoughtfulness, thinking of others besides ourselves, thinking of Jesus and what would make Him fill with joy

100. soft warm glow of a cozy lamp on a gray wet day

101. boys pressed against me in warm comfort on the couch as I read aloud to them stories that make us laugh as rain wets the dead leaves and dying grass outside

102. playmates who entertain each other as I do mother chores...all the moments two opposite boys build, color, explore, drive, create, ride, work in harmony

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